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Marilyn Kaye: Pursuing Amy (Replica #2)


Members of the organization were not entirely pleased with the director's report.

"In regard to Number Seven, has there been any further attempt at verification?"

The director had anticipated this question. "She remains under constant surveillance."

"Surveillance does not represent progress in our investigation," a member noted. "We need to proceed with direct action."

"And with caution," the director replied. "There is more at stake here than was previously determined. We must ascertain the extent of her ability."

"How will this be accomplished?"

The director explained.


Amy Candler stood before the dressing room mirror, examining her reflection.

"What do you think?" she asked her companion.

Tasha Morgan struggled with the buttons of the skirt she was trying on but still managed to look up at Amy's outfit. "It's okay," she said. "The color's not too great on you, though. No offense."

Amy didn't take offense. She and Tasha had known each other almost all of their twelve years, and they could be brutally honest without hurting each other's feelings. Even so, Tasha softened the comment as Amy slipped out of the lime green overalls. "Actually, I don't think that color would be good on anyone. What about this skirt? Does it make me look fat?"

"No, it doesn't make you look fat," Amy responded automatically. "Because you're not fat."

"You didn't even look at me!"

Amy turned. "You don't look fat. That skirt doesn't look so great with that old sweatshirt, though."

Tasha started to take off her sweatshirt but stopped. "I've got a big secret. Promise you won't tell?"

"Of course I won't."