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Val Marrick
Secretary in bondage


"Give it to me, Harry!" the woman cried, as the giant cock went into her waiting red-furred pussy with a squishing sound. The edge of the desk bit into her ass cheeks as she rolled her hips around the advancing prick. "Oh God, let me feel you cram that big prick clear up to my tonsils!"

Harry smiled down at his secretary who was lying on his desk in front of him with her skirt up around her hips. Her long, pale legs were spread wide to open her cunt for his rigid, ready spear of cock. She smiled. The light of lust was shining brightly from her clear green eyes. She was propped on her elbows so that she could look at her employer as he fucked her. The front of her blouse was open, and two pointed, scarlet-tipped tits peeked out.

The big man put his hands on her thighs. "It's a good thing my office is soundproofed, Elaine," he chuckled. "Otherwise you'd disturb the rest of my staff when I do… this!" Half of his magnificent eight-inch prick was already embedded in his secretary's pussy. Now he drove the remaining four inches into her cunt with a single brutal thrust!

"Aiiiiiyaaah!" Elaine screamed, throwing back her head as her pussy was filled with the plunging cock. "Yes, I love it! Fuck me, Harry – fuck me!"

She was in heaven. She couldn't imagine anything better than to feel her boss' gigantic prick ramming its way into her cunt like a runaway locomotive. The way his thick cock stretched the walls of her pussy made her muscles tense with delight. The feel of the rock-hard prick sliding over her swollen cunt was simply indescribable!

She shook back her glorious red hair. Her tits seemed to inflate with the passion surging through her body. Her nipples were tautly erect and straining with desire. Her pussy trickled savory sauces around the shaft of Harry's cock as he stirred his prick slowly in her cunt.

The aroma of hot, wet pussy filled the oak-paneled office. The woman looked around the room, seeing the shelves of heavy legal volumes, the framed diplomas, and the pictures commemorating hard-fought courtroom battles, as if for the first time. There was something special about fucking in her boss' office. The place was so austere, so conservative.

It was almost like fucking in church!

Her boss started to pull his cock out of her steaming cunt. Her breath hissed through her teeth. The upper surface of the man's mighty cock was rasping over the tip of her cunt like a file!

Surges of pure joy stabbed Elaine's pussy. She wagged her hips from side to side, loving the feel of the big cock sliding around inside her cunt. Pussy juices sloshed from her cock-gorged cunt and ran down her ass to stain the desk top.

Harry shook his gleaming black hair out of his eyes. Sweat stood out on his forehead. He longed to wipe his face, but it was as if some magnetic force held his hands to the firm, soft flesh of his loving secretary's thighs. His fingers tightened, digging deep furrows in the milky skin.

He watched his prick reappear from the depths of Elaine's cunt. The lips of her pussy clung to his cock, unwilling to let go of the log-like prick between them. He sighed as her cunt lips caressed his cock, leaving shiny tails of cunt grease on his retreating prick.

His cock emerged from her wet cunt until only the cone-shaped cock head remained trapped by the rubbery twat lips. For a moment Harry stood, savoring the feel of oily cunt on the head of his prick. Then he drove his hips forward and rammed his prick balls-deep into the secretary's needy cunt.

"Ahhhhh!" Elaine's back arched as she ground her pussy hard on Harry's cock. Her pussy lips crushed the black, tangled hair of his crotch as she tried to force still more of his massive cock into her cunt. The head of his prick pulsated within her pussy. It seemed halfway to her tonsils. Every beat of the man's racing heart made his prick swell inside Elaine's pussy. She felt as if she would explode from sheer delight.

She was the luckiest secretary in the city. Her boss was Harry Windsor, bright young star of the legal profession: brilliant, successful – and hung like a race horse. She was head-over-heels in love with him, and she knew he loved her just as much.

In fact, they were to be "married" soon. They hadn't set a date as yet, but she knew they couldn't wait much longer. "As soon as I have time to do it up right," he told her, "when I can take time off from work to give you the honeymoon you deserve, sweetheart, well do it."

In the meantime, Elaine had to make do with fucking her horny, handsome boss whenever and wherever circumstances permitted. But there was certainly nothing wrong with that!

She remembered the first time she'd met Harold R. Windsor, attorney-at-law. She was twenty-two years old, fresh out of the paralegal-training program at the local university. She was also a virgin, incredibly enough!

Ever since she was thirteen years old, Elaine Thomas had been turning men's heads. In early adolescence, she'd been gawky and coltish, all long legs and bright-red ponytails. But then, seemingly overnight, her young tits had blossomed, her hips had filled out, and her legs had changed from stilts to voluptuous columns. She was a tall, lean, lovely young lady with a flaming red thatch over her ripe cunt-mound to match the hair on her head.

But she'd never had a hand laid on her!

By rights she should have been fighting off horny adolescents all through high school and college. But it simply hadn't turned out that way. Maybe it was her total sexual innocence that shone like a beacon from her luminous sea-green eyes. Or maybe it was that she was so spectacularly beautiful that everyone thought of her as untouchable, like some kind of ancient fertility goddess. She'd dated infrequently, and when she had, her male escorts had, without exception, been complete gentlemen – even the ones with a reputation for stopping at nothing short of rape!

The amazing thing was, she wasn't at all uptight, just naive.

Nothing in her short, happy life had prepared Elaine for what happened the first time she set eyes on Harry Windsor. He was tall, tan, and athletic, almost Latin looking with his thick black hair and flashing smile – except for his eyes, which were stunningly blue.

His senior partner's secretary, Madge, a pudgy but attractive brunette, had shown Elaine into Harry's office. "Hello," he said warmly, rising from behind his vast desk to grasp Elaine's hesitant hand. "I understand you're looking for a job. My name is Harold Windsor. I'm very pleased to meet you, Miss…?"

Elaine looked at his smiling face, gazed deep into his blue, blue eyes and was lost. "Thomas," she managed to choke out. "E-Elaine Thomas. My pleasure, Mr. Windsor, S-Sir."

"Call me Harry," he grinned. "Thank you, Madge."

Then they'd been alone together. He showed her to a chair and sat down across from her. Numbly, she filled out her application form. She couldn't seem to take her eyes off Harry. He was beautiful!

He seemed all but oblivious to her existence as a woman. He'd been impressed by her credentials, and despite the fact that she was just out of school, he had given her a job at an astounding figure that had made her feel weak at the knees.

From then on it had been strictly business. To her surprise, Elaine had done well from the very first day at work. She'd moved up until she was Harry Windsor's personal secretary. She'd also fallen head-over-heels for her dashing, eligible young boss.

Then one day they had had to work late on a difficult case. He had casually asked Elaine to dinner and taken her to the most expensive restaurant in town. She was never sure afterward what they had talked about at dinner. She only recalled that Harry had been incredibly witty and charming, and had made her feel completely at ease despite the fact that she had never been any place as elegant in her life.

They finished dinner, and Harry drove them back to the office in his Maserati. To Elaine's disappointment, her debonair young escort had changed, as if by magic, back into her considerate, but fully business-like, employer.

Then, two hours later, she came in to lay a thick file of research notes on his desk. Without looking up, he had reached for them and gotten hold of her tit by accident.

Elaine blushed furiously, but her nipple hardened instantly. Her boss started to withdraw his hand, murmuring a heartfelt apology.

Quick as a flash, she grabbed his hand and crushed it against her tit. Her nipple drilled into his palm through blouse and bra alike. He looked up at her – surprise on his face.

She leaned down and kissed him on the lips. His other hand went around her, and he gathered her into his arms. His tongue probed her hot and willing mouth as he massaged the full, firm fruit of her tit. Her arms slid around his shoulders as she sat on his lap. And then she felt his steel-hard cock poking into her ass!

She'd never felt a cock before, erect or otherwise, but her response was immediate. At once the air was thick with a heavy, intoxicating. perfume as her virgin cunt began to moisten with desire. Harry smelled it too; his nostrils flared, and his eyes widened as his tongue twined with hers.

Hesitantly she reached beneath her to squeeze the giant bulge with her hand. A thrill of anticipation ran through her body. Her boss' cock was big, and hard, and ready for her eager virgin pussy!

Harry's hand crushed her tit. His other hand moved sensuously down her side. Elaine sucked in a breath around her mouthful of Harry's tongue. Then his hand closed over the bulge of her pussy.

She felt the wetness begin to flow from her pussy. Her panties were sticking to the slit of her cunt. Then she felt Harry's hand on her thigh. His touch was warm. Slowly, the hand made its way up inside her skirt.

She was scared and excited. Her tongue moved eagerly with his. Then a finger touched the moist, panty-covered mouth of her pussy. Delight shot up her pussy. Her tit seemed to swell under Harry's fondling hand.

Then a finger was inside the leg of her panties, stoking the lips of her cunt. "Uhhhmmmm," she moaned. Harry's tongue scoured the inside of her mouth.

Elaine breathed in short excited gasps. His finger slipped between the fragile lips of her cunt.

"Uhhhh!" She inhaled with spastic gasps. The feeling, as his finger invaded her pussy, was indescribably delicious!

Her fingers clawed at his broad back. Before she knew it, Harry had slipped her panties from around her hips. His clothes felt rough on the bared cheeks of her ass.

She brought her legs up so that Harry could pull her panties the rest of the way off. At the same time, she fumbled at her boss' fly. The prick within bucked and jumped beneath her fingers.

Suddenly Harry's fly was open. His cock shot into the open air. Elaine rolled her eyes down to look at it. She gasped.

His cock was absolutely enormous!

Her body was filled with hunger to have that gigantic cock crammed all the way up her pussy.

At the same time, she felt a little apprehension.

She had never realized men's cocks grew that large.

Could it really fit into her virgin pussy? There was only one way to find out!

For a moment she tore her mouth away from Harry's. "Be gentle," she murmured. Then she locked her lips to his again as she raised herself over the spire of his prick.

The tip of his cock grazed her bare ass. Then it slipped into the furrow between her butt cheeks. It prodded for a moment at her asshole. For a second Elaine feared he would try to stick his cock up her ass. Then the cock head moved, and the tip fit into the opening of her pussy.

She gasped as his cock slid into her pussy. Her cunt lips were wedged apart, and the prick was forging into her virgin cunt tunnel. For a moment, the progress of his cock was halted as the cock-tip came up against her cherry. Harry pushed upward. A mash of anguish escaped his secretary's lips as pain shot through her pussy.

Then, fierce pain made the red-headed virgin cry out; her voice was muffled by her boss' mouth and probing tongue. Then Harry's cock surged into her waiting cunt.

The sensation of having her pussy walls stretched for the first time, the friction of his prick on her inflated cunt, drove her half out of her mind. To her, the cock felt endless in her cunt. Then, it seemed the throbbing cock head was halfway to her tonsils. Elaine felt the hair around the base of Harry's prick against the smooth skin of her ass. An instant later she was sitting sideways on her boss' lap, his cock embedded full length in her free-flowing, sweet-smelling pussy.

"Wow!" she breathed, stroking Harry's face.

He smiled. He kneaded her heavy, sensitive tits. His other hand was inside her skirt, cupping her naked ass.

Then they fucked. The pain from her torn cherry was quickly overcome by the surging pleasure of Harry's titanic cock plunging in and out of her cunt. He slipped his hand into her blouse and bra, and began to squeeze and roll her nipple between his strong fingers. She sobbed with passion and clung to him.

Slowly she learned the up-and-down rhythm of fucking his massive spear of cock. His prick pumping into her pussy was loud in her ears. The smell of her pussy was strong in her nostrils. Harry's breath was hot on her throat as he licked her neck and face with horny abandon.

The big cock hurt her delicate pussy. Sometimes it seemed her cunt was too small to hold the oversized prick pistoning in and out of her pussy. But the feeling of fullness that Harry's cock made her feel was ecstasy, far better than anything Elaine had ever felt before. The slight discomfort from the incredible size of his cock, was far outweighed by the delight she felt when he fucked her cunt!

Elaine's passion soared to unimagined heights. She caressed the back of Harry's head as he tore open her blouse to place his mouth like a suction cup over her nipple. As he sucked the end of one pale tit into his mouth, Elaine felt a tremor in the walls of her pussy which were still stretched taut around the shaft of her boss' prick.

And then her cunt exploded. "Ahhhhhh!" she cried, in shock. "Wh-what's happening? I-I must be – COMMMMMiinngggg!"

She was. The abrupt contraction of her spasmodic pussy sucked a blast of jism from Harry's deeply-driven cock. He bit down on the mouthful of succulent tit flesh – not hard enough to cause her pain – just enough to send delightful new sensations flooding into her cunt, setting off a fresh series of orgasmic contractions inside her cunt.

He moved his prick noisily in and out of his secretary's climaxing pussy. Come leaked from the wide-open lips of Elaine's pussy, to moisten her boss' black crotch fur and the fiery-red bush that covered her pussy. In her frenzy of orgasm, she fucked so hard that droplets of come and cunt juice flew from her pussy, spattering her ass and Harry's fly. He bit at the skin of her tit, driving her crazy with pleasure.

When their orgasms had died away into a warm glow, Elaine let her body slump against Harry's. She could feel his mighty cock shrink within her cunt she sighed.

She knew then that she'd found the man she loved.

Now she lay on her back on Harry's desk, legs spread, skirt up around her hips, big tits bared. Harry fucked his huge cock in and out of her ready cunt like a stallion in rut. Sweat beaded on his forehead, and he smiled lewdly down at her. She was so happy she could barely stand it!

"Give it to me!" she cried again. She put her head back so that her fantastic hair fell like a torrent of fire to the polished oak desktop. She let one hand take all her weight the other came up to fondle her tits. Her nipple was small and hard and pointed between her fingers.

Harry gripped her nude thighs. He shifted his hips from side to side as he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. The red hair that fringed her pink pussy lips was stained dark with aromatic cunt sauces. The same pussy oils coated his big purple prick. They gleamed in the light.

Harry watched in fascination as his loving secretary's cunt swallowed the pole of his cock. Her pussy lips seemed stretched almost to the point of being torn apart by his mammoth shaft of prick forging between them. He could feel her body drumming with excitement, and he knew from the way she rolled her ass around on his desk that she was hungry for every inch of that enormous prick – and more!

"Ahhhhhh!" Elaine exclaimed.

The tension was growing in her half-naked young body. She could no longer stand having Harry's big prick jamming her cunt. She had to come!

Her back arched. Her skirt rolled higher on her hips, baring sharp hipbones. She squeezed her naked cunt until it hurt. The pain whetted her lust. She sucked in her trim belly, tightening the walls of her pussy around the stalk of Harry's withdrawing prick.

"Gaaaaaah!" choked Harry. His cock pulsed, and Elaine felt jism shoot into her cunt tunnel. The first blast of come spattered the entire length of her pussy; the second load filled her cunt channel as his prick rocketed back into her pussy.

The cock head speared deep into her pussy. Harry's crotch slammed against Elaine's cunt. His prick throbbed a third time as it fired more sperm into her already-filled cunt. Jism bubbled from the distended lips of her pussy and ran down the cheeks of her ass.

It was too much Elaine opened her mouth, but no sound came out. A giant fist seemed to grip and squeeze her body.

She came. Her pussy tightened, yanking another charge of jism from her boss' cock. With his hands braced against her widespread thighs, Harry tried to drag his prick free of her clinging coming cunt. The walls of Elaine's pussy seemed to clutch his cock, tying to prevent the delightful prick from leaving her needy cunt.

His cock slid from her pussy, spitting cum. It came out until only the reddish cock head remained in the secretary's twat – then Harry hammered it home again! They sighed with total satisfaction as his cock went balls-deep in her pussy and spat another wad of come.

Finally, Harry's balls had spent their load of come. Elaine's pussy still pulsated around his cock, and his prick kept vibrating for a few seconds inside her cunt. Then his cock began to go limp. "I love you," the redhead breathed.